Scott Ellsworth Jr.

My name is Scott Ellsworth Jr. I recently graduated from Tecumseh Vista Academy GECDSB . I am attending the University of Windsor in the faculty of Engineering @uwindsor_eng with my major being Mechanical Engineering. At a very young age I was always interested in how things are built and how they work. I hope to use my curiosity and education to launch me in an exciting Engineering career, designing and manufacturing the next generation of electric vehicles. I also hope that me accomplishing my goals encourages other racialized STEM students to persevere. I actively volunteer in my church helping with Sunday school and other church activities. I have volunteered in various capacities with my home Churches of Union Baptist Church(Dresden) and First Baptist Church Puce. This included helping with various Sunday school programs, Christmas caroling to the elderly at their home and nursing homes, cleaning days at the church, assisting on building projects and fun activity days assisting and leading games. I have volunteered at school events, like wrestling tournaments and track and field meets and many hockey fundraising events such as car washes, grocery packing. I also have volunteered scorekeeping hockey games for travel teams and have trained others to be scorekeepers as well. I was a summer student working at the John Freeman Walls Museum and I am enjoying the experience. It has allowed me a chance to meet people and learn and share the experience of our ancestor’s journey to freedom. I can only imagine how proud our ancestors would be of the accomplishments we have made and the accomplishment yet to be made. I hope they will be proud of me on my journey to fulfill my goals. Scott received the Ada & Leo Ellsworth STEM bursary of $1500 Congratulations Scottie! #HADSCScholarship #HADSC #UGRR #blackhistory365 #gecsdb

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Nyra Brown-Henderson

My name is Nyra Brown-Henderson. I am a recent graduate of Hon W.C. Kennedy Collegiate Institute and am attending St. Clair College earning a Honours Bachelors Degree of Applied Arts in Social Justice and Legal Studies. I have a great desire and passion to become a judge. I believe there is not enough representation of judges in Canada that are of colour and female. I would like to be part of a change that moves in the direction that elects judges that look like me in our community. My ultimate goal is to inspire girls that look like me and incite change in the legal system. I want girls that look like me to aspire to have big dreams and make them come true. I want girls that look like me so say "Yes I Can,". In addition, I have formed some experience as I worked at a law firm during the summer of 2021 during covid. I enjoyed the mentorship and was overly zealous to learn more. I will be applying to the ministry of Attorney General for their summer program in 2023. I will continue to gain knowledge and experience to narrow the gap in order to achieve my career goals. I am a student athlete and have played sports since I was 6 years old. I am currently playing for the St.Clair College's Women's basketball team. I am excited about these new opportunities and I am focused on achieving all my goals. Lastly, once I have completed my Honours degree I will be applying to Law school. Nyra received the Hilda Watkins ETFO Bursary of $1500 Congratulations Nyra! #HADSCScholarship #HADSC #UGRR #blackhistory365 #gecsdb

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Lillian Scott

My name is Lilly Scott. I'm a recent graduate Tecumseh Vista Academy GECDSB. I am attending the University of Windsor earning my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (Honours), which is the first step in my plan to become a licensed Psychologist. My career aspirations are to help adults and young adults with talk therapy, but also to be able to give diagnoses to help people receive the proper help for their specific needs. I would also like to go into disability studies. I think mental disabilities and illnesses are fascinating, but most have negative impacts on people’s lives. That is why I would like to learn more about them and be able to recognize when someone struggles with a mental illness or disability so that I can help to make their life better and/or easier. I have been a member of Girl Guides of Canada since I was 6 years old and through this organization, I have been able to learn many life and leadership skills. Lillian received the Elsie Bishop Memorial Bursary & Jane McCoy-Robbins Bursary of $1750. Congratulations Lilly! #HADSCScholarship #HADSC #UGRR #blackhistory365 #gecsdb

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