The Hour-A Day Study Club, is one of the longest running, non-profit, female driven organizations in Canada. Established in 1934, The Hour-A-Day Study Club provides African-Canadian youth, that are descendants of the Underground Railroad, with scholarship funds to help finance their post-secondary education. Each year, students graduating from high school within the Windsor/Essex County community are eligible to apply.

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Unique Allen

"My name is Unique Allen. I am daughter of Carmen and Adam Allen. The eldest of 6 children. It has been my dream since I was young to become a fashion designer after graduating from Walkerville Collegiate Institute. I have always been inspired by creating something beautiful from simple fabric. A project like this takes a lot of determination and Imagination. Both things I would like to believe that I have. I want to see a bigger change in our society. For all norms of the eye to be broken. I want to create my own clothing lines and break society’s norms on image. A place where all living can respect and see the beauty in one of another. I believe that studying at St. Clair College will set me on the right path on completing these goals. Their teachings and diversity will open my creativity to the max. Throughout high school my extracurricular activities included events in track in field. These events were 100, 200, and relay. All areas that helped me gain the skills and ambitions that I have today. It valued teamwork and not only looking after yourself. I am grateful to have had an opportunity to experience that community. My community involvement consisted of assisting with paperwork at track meets and volunteering at New life fellowship Church. Both showed me the importance of giving your time to those who need it. I have applied for this bursary to give my dreams their best chance. I want to set a good example for both myself and my siblings. That no matter what life puts you through you can succeed. Unique received the One Church Windsor Scholarship of $3250 Congratulations Unique! #HADSCScholarship #HADSC #UGRR #blackhistory365"

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Applications open

Underground Railroad and Historically Black Canadian Communities Descended Students graduating from high school in June 2022 and going on to post-secondary education in the fall of 2022. Applications for the Hour-A-Day Study Club Scholarship and Bursaries will be  available online.   Learn More
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