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Denzel Ross

My name is Denzel Ross and I recently graduated from Vincent Massey Secondary School in the Greater Essex County District School Board. I am continuing my education at the University of Windsor the Biomedical Sciences - Health Stream program UWindsor Faculty of Science. I plan to go to dental school and become a dentist. Outside of school I have worked with a few organizations such as the humane society which I have donated to help with their care of animals and the unemployed help centre where I helped to provide food to the less fortunate throughout Windsor.

With my post-secondary education and dental school education I would be able to help those in my community to become better informed about their oral health and dental hygiene. Also, if I became a dentist I would be able to support organizations such as Amherstburg Black History museum which help reflect the History of Black Canadians (such as my descendants) in the Amherstburg general area.

Denzel received the Ada & Leo Ellsworth STEM Bursary of $2000.

Congratulations Denzel Ross

Denzel is part of the Harris family.