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Hailey Chase

Hi my name is Hailey Chase, I am a recent graduate form Walkerville Collegiate Institute in the Greater Essex County District School Board. I hope to study at the University of Windsor as part of the Vocal Music Education Program as well as a bassoonist in the symphony orchestra. I have goals of becoming a professor and continuing research on music education my entire life so I can give other students the same experience I had but also what I did not have.

I’ve always been passionate about education and activism but never seemed to have the confidence or education myself to voice my thoughts to others, but, in grade eleven I was told that my school would not be celebrating Black History Month beside small moments and considerations. Walkerville is primarily White so not celebrating was completely unacceptable in my eyes and was more important than anything else at the time in my mind. So I started the Black Excellence Guest Speakers Series. Several members of our Windsor community talked to Walkerville students of all grades by team meetings all through the month of February. They taught lessons on Black history and told stories of Black excellence. After the event was over countless staff and students told me they learned things they would’ve never learned and had new appreciations, which is why in my grade twelve year I brought the event to the entire school board, welcoming all schools to join meetings and learn. This is what I love to do, education and open minds.

Hailey received the Evelyn & Lornie Hurst Sr. Bursary of $1750.

Congratulations Hailey Chase!