Matteo Ristic

My name is Matteo Ristic and I recently graduated from École secondaire E.J. Lajeunesse in the Conseil scolaire catholique Providence. I am continuing my education at the University of Windsor in the Business Administration Program Odette School of Business. I am not currently set on what I'd like to do once I finish university, but I'd like it to be in the business program to gain more experience in the field and then be able to choose a career path. I have done volunteer work with my school, re-doing and maintaining our garden, and working concession stands at grade school sporting events such as track and field and basket-ball. I’ve also done volunteer work with the Amherstburg Freedom Museum, in the freedom achievers event and at the Walter Perry Emancipation Golf Classic. When it comes to community involvement, I’ve helped out at multiple younger teams’ hockey practices helping young kids learn to play, I’ve donated blood to help those in need, and participated in The Polar Plunge: a fundraiser for the Canadian Special Olympics. Matteo received the Ethel Irene Christian Bursary & Jane McCoy-Robbins Bursary of $2250. Congratulations Matteo Ristic! Matteo is part of the Mulder & Smith Families. #HADSCScholarship #HADSC #UGRR #Blackhistory365

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Mya Mulder

My name is Mya Mulder and I recently graduated from North Star High School in the Greater Essex County District School Board. I am continuing my education at St. Clair College in the Occupational Therapist Assistant Program. Through my co-op placement at Team Rehab Physiotherapy I was able to volunteer with the Amherstburg Admirals hockey team as team manager helping with taping, icing and basic injury management. That experience solidified my passion for working with injury management through physiotherapy and helped me focus on my plan of taking the Occupational/Physiotherapy Assisting Program at St. Clair College. I am also planning to continue on with taking the Fitness Promotion program after I complete the OT/PTA program. I have been a competitive Irish dancer for 16 years. I have competed from the beginner level all the way through to the World Championship level. I am now working as an Irish Dance teacher. Through my involvement with Irish Dance, I have developed a passion for fitness, health and sports promotion, especially for girls and young women. Through teaching, and the Leadership class at North Star, it has become clear to me that I love helping others and I enjoy working with kids and the elderly. My dream would be to open a studio that uses all my skills in fitness, dance and injury prevention to create a safe place for people, especially women of all ages, to move, stay fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Strength and mobility are keys to people having good quality of life. My goal is to have my own dance studio, with a solid knowledge base of injury prevention and rehabilitation. Bringing together my passions to create a space for people who enjoy dance safely. Mya Mulder received the Hilda Watkins Greater Essex ETFO Bursary of $2250. Greater Essex ETFO Congratulations Mya Mulder! #HADSCScholarship #HADSC #UGRR #Blackhistory365 #gecsdb

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Quincy Browning-Morgan

My name is Quincy Browning-Morgan and I recently graduated from W.F. Herman Academy Secondary School in the Greater Essex County District School Board. I am continuing my education at the University of Windsor in the Human Kinetics Program. I would like to become a Physiotherapist and focus on sports injury and rehabilitation. I would like to work with the youth and guide them on how to best manage strains, sprains, bruises, tears, and other injuries related to athletics. I think it’s important for Black youth to see themselves reflected in a variety of careers and it is my hope that I could inspire them to pursue the same career path. Outside of school, I have volunteered for a long time at Big Brothers Big Sisters where my grandmother works. I also volunteered in serving dinner at the Caribbean Centre. I applied for The Hour-A-Day Study Club scholarship because I like how this club helps Black students and it will inspire me to do the same one day. I think this scholarship is a commitment to Black excellence and that is what I commit to with my goals. Quincy received the Hour-A-Day Study Club Scholarship & the Martha C. Elliot & George R. Tolson Sr. Bursary of $2250. Congratulations Quincy Browning-Morgan! #HADSCScholarship #HADSC #UGRR #Blackhistory365 #gecsdb

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