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Justin Escoto

I'm Justin Escoto! I am a graduate of Tecumseh Vista Academy GECDSB. I am attending Carleton University (Official) in Ottawa to study journalism! My career goal is to become an established reporter in my respective field of choice, but my true intention is to inspire others to be a light within their community! I intend to use my education at Carleton University to uplift and motivate aspiring journalists/youth in my community. As someone who is blessed to have been surrounded by extremely motivating and inspiring individuals my entire life, I know the importance of a truerole model. Mine have shaped my world outlook and have given me the courage to make a difference in this country. By attending Carleton (which is in a city that is at the forefront of the nation’s issues), I believe that I owe it to my mentors to observe the problems that Canadians struggle with on daily (including Indigenous rights, mental health, among others), to try and figure out effective solutions for each. Through my work, I aspire to inspire the future generations to open their eyes and be the change that their society needs. It’s the only way to move forward.Justin received the Glendora Watkins Memorial Scholarship of $2500Justin is part of the Scott & Walls family. Congratulations Justin!


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