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Jordyn Elizabeth Taylor

My name is Jordyn Taylor and I recently graduated from Kingsville District High School in the Greater Essex County District School Board. I am continuing my education at St. Clair College taking their Marketing Advertising Communications Management Program. After I graduate, I aspire to work in the industry as a brands promotions manager where I hope to make a meaningful impact in my community! After working as an industry professional for a few years, I then have dreams of opening my own Business Improvements Marketing Firm. Where I would provide struggling small businesses and charitable organizations with scalable resources that help them successfully grow.

In addition to being a full-time student, I have been able to participate in numerous extracurricular activities and make a meaningful impact in my community through my 350+ hours of volunteering, at several different local organizations. The organization where I completed the majority of my volunteer work was the Canadian Transportation Museum and Heritage Village. Through these efforts, I gained crucial skills, that contributed to my success. Furthermore, through volunteering, I was able to discover my ideal major for post-secondary studies.

I would also like to thank my ancestors who took part in the journey of escaping enslavement and seeking freedom in Canada- through the Underground Railroad. Without their courage and bravery, many of the opportunities and abilities I have today would not be possible. Alongside my admiration for their actions, I envision my ancestors' pride in witnessing me fulfill my goals, excel academically, and achieve all that I have accomplished.

Jordyn received the Eleanore Patricia Alexander Scholarship of $3500.

Congratulations Jordyn Taylor!