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2021 Scholarship Program

On Ocotber 9th, 2021 The Hour-A-Day Study Club was granted a beautiful October day to distribute the 2021 The Hour-A-Day Study Club scholarships and bursaries at the Amherstburg Freedom Museum. This year six Underground Railroad Descendants from Windsor-Essex were awarded scholarships and bursaries. This year’s scholarship and bursary recipients are Isabella Ristic, Isaac Harris, Angelica Gibson, Zach Walls, Maliq Ramsey and Jonah Moore. All recipients have been honoured with their own Hour-A-Day Scholarship and bursary spotlights which can be found by clicking the link below

Thank you to Amherstburg Freedom Museum for allowing us to distribute our scholarships and bursaries at the museum. It made for an even more special event with part of our Underground Railroad History as a backdrop to the photos.

The Hour-A-Day Study Club members pictured with recipients are Leslie McCurdy, Raquel Hurst, Tricia Alexander-Brooks, Irene Moore Davis, Lana Talbot, & Kaitlyn Ellsworth.

Thank you to former Hour-A-Day Study Club scholarship recipient Norvell McGlaun Jr. for being our photographer.