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Meet The Hour-A-Day Study Club

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Meet Marium, President of The Hour-A-Day Study Club! She shares:
“On this International Women’s Day, I acknowledge all of the great women, like my own mother, and the founding mothers of The Hour-A-Day Study Club who paved a way 88 years ago. We not only strive to break down barriers to education but strive to #breakthebias while continuing to show the significant historical and cultural, and contributions of African-Canadian women.”
#IWD2022 #InternationalWomensDay2022 #yqg #88for88 #hadsc
Meet Willow, member of The Hour-A-Day Study Club. They share:
“I recently became a member of the Hour-A-Day Study Club, but I was accepted into the group with open arms. Everyone is so caring and gracious. I love being a part of this amazing group of women who share my interest in learning and preserving Black history in the city of Windsor.”
Meet member and Trustee, Leslie! They share:
“The Hour-A-Day Study Club has a long and storied history that was almost lost to history until my mother, Patricia Neely-McCurdy, worked to revitalize it about 15 years ago. My participation is to honour of both of those legacies.”
#hadsc #88for88 #yqg
Meet Irene, member of The Hour-A-Day Study Club. She shares:
“Hi! My name is Irene Moore Davis. I am an educator, a former Hour-A-Day Study Club scholarship recipient, the great granddaughter of founding member Irene Dunn Christian, the granddaughter and daughter of former members Winifred Christian Shreve and Andrea Shreve Moore, and a proud member of the club myself. It gives me great joy to be part of an organization that has helped to fund the post secondary studies of generations of Black Canadian youth.”
Meet Tricia, member and Corresponding Secretary of The Hour-A-Day Study Club shares:
“Since my involvement started with The Hour-A-Day Study Club started in 2010, it’s been a rewarding experience to say the least. Seeing such a fierce, dedicated, hard working group of women work together to help the youth in our community is what sparked my interest from the start. Seeing the joy on students faces when receiving their scholarship or bursary is my most favourite part! “
Meet Raquel, Vice-President and member of The Hour-A-Day Study Club, shares:
“Being a member means assisting others with the opportunities that my Grandparents were not afforded. It means making a contributory effort, just as my ancestors did ~ to support the next generation in the fulfillment of their possibilities.”
Meet Kaitlyn, Secretary Treasurer of the Scholarship Trust Fund and member of the HADSC, shares:
“Following in both my Great Grandmothers Ethel Bishop who was a founding Hour-A-Day Study Club member and Ada Ellsworth‘s footsteps, I am proud to continue their advocacy in breaking down systemic barriers to education and proudly servicing Underground Railroad families in Windsor-Essex. It’s an honour to continue to build upon their legacies while I lift as I climb.”
Meet Dr. Barbara K. Smith, Trustee of The Hour-A-Day Study Club shares “When a group of local Canadian Women organized what was named the Mothers’ Club which was renamed HADSC, they knew that their calling as wives needed to move them beyond their daily house keeping duties. Although It all started with reading a hour a day, some would say these ladies were intuitive, embodied subconscious perceptions or simply led by Lord to move beyond the comfort of their homes. As the years quickly moved ahead, these determined ladies were launched into community issues, ie, police brutality, job discrimination, inequitable schools, etc. These members weren’t intimidated; instead of retreating, they went into an attack mode, trained for jobs and pounded on doors for equitable entrance. These are my kind of ladies!!!

I initially joined HADSC totally forgetting I had relatives as founders. I took a leave due to conflicts with other organizations and administrative duties with my school district on weekends.
So, I refuelled, retired, rejoined and recommitted!!!