Kevin Ellsworth II

My Great-Grandmother Ethel Bishop was one of the founding members of The Hour-A-Day Study Club in 1934. My Great-Grandmother Ada Ellsworth was also a long-time member of the club. It is an honour to be a part of the lasting legacy of 87 years and counting of The Hour-A-Day Study Club.

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Ms. Lois Larkin

I was elated to have received a bursary from the ladies of the Hour-A-Day Study Club in 1952. It was a particular encouragement for the recognition of my graduation grades. These ladies were my role models and it was important to me what they thought.

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Lyric Davis

I'm in Honours Mathematics and Statistics at McMaster University. My plan is to graduate from the Actuarial and Financial Mathematics program and become an actuary. I graduated from Herman in 2019 and received the Hour-A-Day Study Club scholarship last fall. It meant a lot to me because it helped with the costs of going away to McMaster but also because it was a recognition of how hard I had worked to maintain good grades in high school.

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