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Ms. Lois Larkin

I was elated to have received a bursary from the ladies of the Hour-A-Day Study Club in 1952. It was a particular encouragement for the recognition of my graduation grades. These ladies were my role models and it was important to me what they thought.

Their children were most productive. They were living examples of their parenting skills to our community. They showed concern for, and interest in children of colour. Charter members, Mrs. Alice DeShield’s son Roy was a dentist. Mrs. Louise Rock’s son Ken became a doctor and Windsor’s coroner. Mrs. Ardella Jacob’s son Ken became a social worker and the RCAF’s first Lieutenant Colonel.
My daughter Cheryl was also a recipient and became an elementary school teacher.
Her son Jordan and daughters Megan and Faith are third-generation recipients.
Megan returned to study law.
Jordan continued his studies and will be a Chartered Professional Accountant.
Faith has graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree.
It has been a long relationship with these heroines, daughters of the Underground Railroad. My parents thanked you, I thank you and my grandchildren have proven their appreciation to you.

~Lois Larkin and Family